Old MilSake - Paul Thompson - S2E4

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In this episode of Conquered 4 Life, we talk to Paul Thompson, a musical jack of all trades who has worked with PRINCE, STEVIE WONDER, WEEZER, DOLLY PARTON, and more.

The down-low:

  • Talk with The Genie:
    • Pondering Genie’s Role in this show
    • Our Indiana Jones marathon
    • Understanding Daydrunk Monk
  • PWR BTTM: Why Donald Trump is president while their career ends
  • Paul Thompson
    • Meeting Glenn Danzig
    • Cats are in the Chinese food
    • Lose your hair, write better songs
    • Playing in a hair metal band and getting on MTV
    • Working for Prince
    • Rick Rubin: a minimalist producer?
    • <aking money off Eric Clapton’s green room
      • Did Prince record his vocals by himself?
      • Did you ever play basketball with Prince
      • Dressing to impress: yourself
      • The truth behind Prince’s guitars
        • Glen Campbell's drums
        • A day with Dolly
        • Fave thing Dolly would say
      • Key to Success: Say Yes
    • Working on the Jay Leno show with STEVIE WONDER
    • WEEZER
      • Wait, my friend is in Weezer?
      • Pat Wilson’s fave drummer
      • Playing drums for Weezer
      • Why play live to a click?
      • Why make “rap”
    • Steely Dan - off by one BPM
    • Attack at Ariana Grande show
    • How spending time around amazing artists affects your own creativity
    • Inside jokes with Bad Company
  • Build-A-Band Workshop
    • Hey, Paul! What should this song sound like?

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 L-R: Paul Thompson, The Genie, Christopher the Conquered

L-R: Paul Thompson, The Genie, Christopher the Conquered