Band Therapy - H.D. Harmsen & Drew Selim - S2.E3.Pt1

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In Part 1 of this episode, Christopher the Conquered & The Genie talk to CtC band mates Drew Selim & H.D. Harmsen on how Christopher chalks up as a bandleader and the rules of being in a band. Loads of listener questions addressed, too! Also, be sure to check out Part 2 after listening to this.

H.D. Harmsen is a singer-songwriter and previous bassist for Christopher the Conquered. Drew Selim is Christopher's drummer. They both performed on the album 'I'm Giving Up On Rock & Roll' and have toured with Christopher. In this episode, we discuss with them:

  • Why Genie is wearing my pants
  • Shows in BioDomes Where Everyone is Naked
  • Why Do you Play Music
  • Drew and I discuss our “creative tensions”
  • To Metronome or not to Metronome
  • What is the definition of a good musician?
  • The Drummer is Hillary Clinton, the Producer is Donald Trump
  • Finding Gratitude and Translating that into your Work Ethic
  • How Personal Satisfaction Heals Your Artistic Efforts
  • What makes a good band leader, what makes a good player?
  • How should creative contributors be credited?
  • A Band vs. A Brand
  • How to make a musical project survive
  • Surviving Your Own Gimmicks
  • How to Lead A Rehearsal
  • How to make rehearsal worth it
  • Being A Band Leader: A Prison?


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