Conquered 4 Life - S2E2 - Writing & Arranging Music w/ Dustin Smith


Conquered 4 Life Season 2: Episode 2 with Dustin Smith of The Maytags covers:

  • Lots of talk of music legends:
    • Bruce Springsteen on looking good over playing good
    • Carole King on making good songwriting sound simple
    • Santana on Beyonce not being a real singer
    • Hank Williams on being eternally relevant
    • Pink Floyd on being weird without telling anyone
    • The Beatles on inventing heavy metal
  • Writing and Arranging for and with a band
  • Branding Your Music Hustle
  • Creative Collaboration
  • Pros & Cons of going solo vs. running a democratic band
  • Listener questions: Will the 3-chord song ever go out of style?
  • Build-A-Band Workshop: We pick a band name and discuss what's next
  • Reviews of Carole King's 'Tapestry' and the new Korn album
  • Links:

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