Conquered 4 Life - Episode 9 - The Ryan Adams Bump

An every-other-week or so "podcast" from me, Christopher Ford (Christopher the Conquered, Gloom Balloon, Maximum Ames Records) in which I discuss recent happenings in my little world of music with my friend and bad music lover Chris Biagini aka "The Genie".

In Episode 9, we discuss:

  • Should we have an intro?
  • An apology. Again.
  • Should we not say “African American”?
  • Genie is happy!
  • The control room vs. the live room
  • How to name your band
  • How my show in Chicago got cancelled two hours before load-in
  • Crowd-funding: Why it can be ok and why maybe it can’t be sometimes
  • How to do social media: the 70-20-10 rule
  • The Ryan Adams “bump” and our “personal” conversation - (Note: this was recorded before recent Reddit happenings. Those will be discussed in the next episode. Yes? Yes.)
  • New experiences
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