Conquered 4 Life - Episode 7 - Heather Be Thy Name

  • In Episode 7, we discuss:
    • Genie’s Sister
    • Genie’s Alcoholism
    • Genie’s Zipper Tape
    • The master marketing plan
      • Why does this podcast exist?
      • How to find your people
      • 1000 true fans
    • The amazingness of Salisbury and my new live album - BUY IT
    • All my videos have millions of dollars worth of priceless art in them now
    • A lot of shit has happened in America
      • Christopher goes deep on his health insurance
      • Marriage equality
      • Charleston, church fires, and seriously wtf is happening
    • Start your Tuesday with Wayne’s World 2 - Handsome Dan and The Screamer
    • Malcolm X & Nina Simone
    • Race & Rock n Roll: Maybe we’ll have a guest?
    • GD Pants Off! Podcast 
    • More Canby - Maroon 5 and Levels of Handsome
    • The only thing worse than the band The Police are the actual police
    • The only good Atreyu joke ever
    • Video game music & reading voices
    • How to write a song without knowing anything about music
    • Ribald Humor is a real thing
    • Tips on Life:
      • The 3 Why’s
      • Find the To-Do List Domino
      • Mostly everything we’re doing is not important
      • Listening to other people’s opinions
      • All the things Christopher tells himself, every day
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