Conquered 4 Life - Episode 6 - Riding a Segway through a Segue

An every-other-week or so "podcast" from me, Christopher Ford (Christopher the Conquered, Gloom Balloon, Maximum Ames Records) in which I discuss recent happenings in my little world of music with my friend and bad music lover Chris Biagini aka "The Genie".

In Episode 6, we discuss:

  • Price Chopper/Chomper
  • Genie Takes a Step Toward Greatness
    • Is Genie gonna buy a Canby t-shirt?
  • Linkin Park Social Networking
  • Riding a Segway through a Segue
  • The bad things about Pants Off! Podcast
  • Looking for heartbreak: Why we listen to music
  • What makes great art
  • Plans for the future!
  • How to learn about stuff
  • I ain’t a gearhead
  • Circadian Rhythms w/ Rick Rubin - Listen to the Tim Ferriss Show episode here
  • Assignments Due:
    • Battlestar Galactica Meets The Last of Us
    • Max is Mad at Rushmore
  • Homework:
    • Nina Simone’s Just Like A Woman: Sings Classic Songs of the 1960s
    • Wayne’s World 2
  • Recommendations:

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