Conquered 4 Life - Episode 4 Pt. 1 - Engage with the Police & Film It!

An every-other-week or so "podcast" from me, Christopher Ford (Christopher the Conquered, Gloom Balloon, Maximum Ames Records) in which I discuss recent happenings in my little world of music with my friend and bad music lover Chris Biagini aka "The Genie".

In Episode 4 Pt. 1, we discuss: 

  • The test pressing!
  • How to make an album release work when everything goes wrong
  • Music videos with fire
  • Price per ounce: Miller Lite vs. Old Milwaukee
  • The publicity feedback loop
  • Filming the police
  • Is there value to a consistent aesthetic in presentation of art?
  • Good Charlotte in the middle of the night
  • Music videos: Art or marketing material?
  • Safety in "professionalism"
  • Making a snare drum sound good with The Genie's microphone
  • What's in a name? Why some people get married.
  • Explaining phase in recording. This is science.
  • My new single and Yahoo getting real about Christopher.
  • I like his old stuff better.
  • The Genie becomes famous
  • I'm Not Giving Up On Sex & Roll
  • "Touching" people through music
  • The mistake of using gimmicks to make people like you
  • Things to not say from stage: try a little subtlety
  • Why are you at this show right now?
  • That one movie Inception
  • Homework: Rise Against & Tom Waits
  • Listener Emails: Yes, we have listeners!


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