Conquered 4 Life - Episode 12 - Less Than Stellar Buns

Episode 12 features another track from my forthcoming studio album I'm Giving Up On Rock & Roll! Conquered 4 Life is an every-so-often, not so regularly recurring "podcast" from me, Christopher Ford (Christopher the Conquered, Gloom Balloon, Maximum Ames Records) in which I discuss recent happenings in my little world of music with my friend and bad music lover Chris Biagini aka "The Genie".

In Episode 12, we discuss:

  • Music & Sex: Two Things That Make You Sweat
    • Does trying to have sex make you a worse musician?
    • Christopher hesitates to talk about sexual activity
    • Love-Making Music: Can we stop having sex so I can listen to this band?
  • Feeding the Monster: High-Risk Behavior in the Music Industry
  • Big Distro + Baby Labels
  • Radio: Rising (and Falling) through the Charts
  • Publicity: A Garbage Can for Money
  • Christopher Finally Has Time To Write and Record a Song For You
  • The Word from the Industry: Why my music is “inherently unlicensable”
  • More Live Music Pet Peeves
  • Less Than Stellar Buns: Genie Starts a Theoretical Band & Genuinely Excites Christopher (Insert Heavy Breathing Here)
  • The Power of Data on the Road: Predicting How Much Merch You’ll Sell and Changing the Game
  • Another Bad Idea from Christopher the Conquered
  • Millionaires Have 7 or More Streams of Revenue: How Many Do Musicians Have?
  • Links:
  • Music to Make Love To

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